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Come and get to know PS BRNO better. That's the only way to find out if we'll hit it off.


...we're not complicating anything. We're just building. 

On the know-how of the company owners, which laid a solid foundation for PS BRNO in 2004. We were founded with the aim of making Brno more beautiful - with buildings that not only look world-class, but most importantly, last for ages. And thanks to our concrete values, from which we do not discount, our buildings and structures are now towering in other parts of the Czech Republic and abroad.




Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Russia.

Warehouses, administrative buildings, apartment buildings and large investment units.

Altogether, over 80 buildings of all kinds with the PS BRNO quality mark are scattered far beyond the borders of Brno.

1948 mio+ turnover for 2024-2021

1948 mio+ turnover for 2024-2021

We are sure of concrete that if we did not offer the best quality according to the strictest standards and norms, we could not boast of such a turnover. Quality work without compromise has become our mission, which is confirmed by our customers who return to us.

241+ co-workers

241+ co-workers

Without satisfied employees who enjoy working at PS BRNO, we would hardly have achieved all the results. We want to be a friendly and fair employer for them, so we listen to their needs and complaints. Thanks to this, we can keep growing.


LILA Domov pro postižené děti Otnice, příspěvková organizace

The children in the LILA home in Otnice also have our support. The home continuously cares for 30 children with severe combined disabilities who, for various reasons, cannot be cared for by their parents. Qualified staff provides medical care for children, rehabilitation, educational care and, last but not least, social care for families in their difficult life situation.

Chovánek – Dětské centrum rodinného typu

PS BRNO also supports children in Chovánek, a family-type children's center. This is a care system for vulnerable children up to three years of age. Except for severely disabled children and newborns who need special care, all children live in small apartments where their "aunties" take care of them.

Dětský domov Dagmar Brno, příspěvková organizace

Since 2016, we have been financially supporting the Dagmar Children's Home. In this home, they care for children and teenagers between the ages of 3 and 18 who have not been very lucky in life so far.


Almost all of us are athletes, so we are happy when we can also support sports. We are a proud regular sponsor and long-term partner of the Brno hockey club HC KOMETA BRNO.

Městské divadlo Brno, příspěvková organizace

We have also been contributing to Brno's cultural life for several years now. With regular sponsorship donations, we support the Brno Municipal Theater to enrich the lives of the people of Brno without financial problems.